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Back end services

Back end services
While dealing with customers with varied interests and requirements, what is most significant? Undoubtedly providing satisfactory customer service to all of them as well as seeking further repeat orders and soliciting new, prospective clients. This all is possible if you delegate the back –end services to the right person or company who give you the leverage of in-built flexibility and synchronize the front-end with the back-end operations. Sounds convincing, isn’t it?
DLP India service providers are a world class name in handling and managing piles of a framework for back-end services, programming languages, APIs and managing apps to help you deal stress-free at the front end.

DLP Back-end Services
Our service providers are proficient in Chat handling, Typing and Website management. Our expertise lies in these three key features and we assure you quick and painless customer service.

Chat Handling

With the DLP India’s Chat handling services, you will be able to derive excellent customer experience on live chats. With an empathetic response to the customer queries, the service providers will take care of the following niche areas:

  • Offer a complete solution and cover any potential questions
  • Work smart by creating a canned response to repetitive queries, e.g. discounts and prices
  • Provider complete visitor information to enable you to handle queries
  • Sending more personal and appealing responses instead of plain text
  • Enable the exchange of files
  • Give you access to previous chat with the customer

Since this is a direct form of human interaction during an online purchase with customers of varied demands, you need to be sure that it is done in the best of your company’s interest. The DLP service providers are adroit at handling and devising an appropriate chat handling strategy for you. Entrust the best and focus on the more important areas that can generate money for you.


To focus on your core competencies, outsourcing all kinds of typing work is the smartest move.

Why should you opt for Outsourcing Typing?
The following benefits accrue if you outsource typing work:

  • Saves a lot of time
  • Turns out much reasonable and affordable
  • Saves you of the hassle of appointing a full-time person
  • You can focus on developing core competencies
  • You will be enthusiastic to plan expansion

What Type of Typing Assignments can be outsourced?
Basically, all data needs to be formatted, typed and converted into digital form. Data typing can be done in various formats using Excel, PDF, Word and Text formats. Following are a few key typing areas that can be outsourced:

  • General typing
  • Digital typing
  • Audio typing
  • Books typing
  • Manuscripts typing
  • Resume typing
  • Re-typing files and documents
  • Study material typing
  • Assignments and projects typing
  • Legal Documents typing

DLP India is the Most Reliable Typing Service Provider
Both small and large companies need ample typing services to save their crucial time and money for more significant planning and execution. After catering to many global clients over the years, DLP India has become a prominent name in the field of providing data typing services of all kinds. We are proficient at meticulously organizing your database, forms and sheets. With the quantum of work we do, we offer the most cost-efficient services giving the time limit a priority.
The following are the reasons which make DLP Typing services an eminent name:

  • Highly qualified team aiming at accuracy and error-free typing
  • Multiple staff working round the clock rendering a fast turnaround of time
  • Top-notch quality service with customized solutions
  • Fully equipped with the latest software and advanced tools and technology
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Free trial runs for garnering client satisfaction and trust

DLP India provides the best quality typing with zilch errors within the stipulated deadlines. No matter where you are from, we are always available to answer your queries and provide customized solutions to your problems. With no fixed minimum monetary commitments, DLP India is a name you cannot go wrong with.

  • Website Management

Online marketing is the buzzword and is an ever-evolving field. This requires constant updating and innovating on a regular basis. DLP India is an excellent service provider to manage and maintain your website to make sure it stays on the top and report you back timely to update you.
Your company can face doom if you fail to regularly update your website content or software or if it gets hacked. To understand the technological technical gimmicks, we have hired specialists in the field who know how to help you manage and maintain the websites. This saves you of the time and hassle of learning the technological bit and gives you time to focus on planning and executing expansion and core areas.
We, at DLP India, are the best, yet most reasonable in the field. We focus on following significant website management niches:

  • Update Content
  • Update Images
  • Support the Website via Telephone
  • Support the Website via W-mail
  • Unlimited Revisions as per requirement
  • Addition of Website Pages keeping pace with your work
  • Resolve Malicious file issues
  • Monthly Website Traffic Report
  • Update Plugins
  • Assistance with Domain Transfer or DNS changes
  • Blog Updates
  • Trouble Shooting Server issues or DB Error
  • Optimizing Database
  • Technical Support via e-mail and phone and Online meeting
  • Removal of bugs and errors
  • Social Media Integration

With the plethora of services by qualified people at the most affordable prices, DLP India is a name to reckon with in the field of website management and back-end services.
‘We believe in achieving the pinnacle by delivering the demanded.”




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